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Wow, it has been a while since I posted last! Summer got away from me!
We had a few trips... one back east for the WAGR meetup ( and one to Northern California to see family.
Aydi turned 4 and had a fun yo gabba gabba party (pics below)
We also celebrated her 2nd year of being cancer free!! wooo that still gets me excited =)

We also had a few scares with her health, but her immune system is back to normal and she has even fought off a few colds/flus.

We had a fun halloween! We had an Alice in Wonderland theme! (more pics below)

Our wedding was postponed due to the venue overbooking. That sucked, but made for good timing as we ended up with a stressful few months of getting Aydin into the right special ed services, and having to fight with the school district to get her needs met.

We talked about doing the courthouse, and we just really want a real wedding, a celebration, a commitment in front of family.... a day to remember... a day Aydin will remember. So I am back to wedding planning and trying to decide if the spring or fall of 2010 will work best.
A friend of mine (Jasmin do you read this?) suggested 10/10/2010.... what a fun date.... but that seems like forever to wait! We will figure it all out soon enough.

Oh and how can I forget? Nate has been rocking the poker tables... he came in first in a tournament and won 25k... also a few Sunday Millions (for those familiar with pokerstars) where he got 48th and 45th ..... good job love<3

Here are some pics.