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I am so proud of Aydin's little snow village she's made in her room...she's little miss creativity and so proud of herself, that she hasn't touched the fake snow or moved anythign since she set it up 3 weeks ago. I was worried that I'd be having to clean up that snow from the carpet, but thankfully it hasn't been an issue.

on a little funny note, this was santa's reaction to Aydin telling him she was home-schooled.



Is it bad we are already planning for next year's halloween?

This year Aydin decided she wanted to be the scout from the movie "UP" from there we ended up all in costume

the husband:

and of course we needed a house :)


little miss 5 year old

A few pictures from our recent shoot :)

Oh and the cake, I have gotten a lot of emails asking who made the cake up top.... I did! Aydin got a blythe doll for her bday and this was a great way to give it to her.
I think I'll post the recipe and how to next week.


new house, new room

So we've been in the new house a while now and after a trip to the east coast and two great birthday parties for the husband and child.... we are getting settled.

I thought I'd share pics of Aydi's new room.
It still needs some work... such as her new bed and another print I am going to hang up... but here it is so far.

I'd love your input.. should we keep the stripes on all 4 walls? hmmm

Keep in mind she asked for:
pink stripes, a forest and princesses. :)


as we celebrate Aydin's 3rd year of being in remission, I am still so very thankful for her health. What a blessing she is. In 2 more years we'll be able to say she's cancer free!

So much has changed since then. She was so little, so sick, so much a baby then. Soon she'll be 5. here's to lots and lots of healthy years to come <3


For earth day

I thought I'd share a few links to some movies that are worth watching.
These videos are done by people trying to better our lives and our earth.
Either watch videos here or click to open in new window.

First The Cove.
I was happy to see the Oprah covered this documentary today and hope you will take the time to learn about the horrible killing and trading of dolphins going on in Japan.
Here is a trailer.

Their website:

You can also rent it on amazon.

Next, an oldie, but goodie

THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled patented genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade.

And of course, Food Inc.
You will never look at dinner the same again.

Also, today Disney has anew movie out, Oceans. My husband is taking my daughter to see it tonight, so I hope to hear all about it from them. It look good.




I found the dress on etsy at a store called kiki's things. She makes a bunch of different costumes, mostly disney. She also has one of max from wild things. So so cute!

Kiki's things

some etsy favorites

I love how easy some of these look like they'd be to diy...(the shadow box w/ key, and silent "e" game)

Aydin loves the washcloths ...she loves the texture.