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Shamrock transferring

This is such a simple set up....Just bowls, a spoon, confetti and a tray. Aydin thinks shes just playing, but shes really building her fine motor skills, practicing patience, coordination and learning to follow through and complete a task given to her.

Before Aydi can use an activity, she receives a demonstration on the correct way to use it. She is shown how to find the activity, how to carry its tray or basket to the table correctly, how to work with the activity, how to clean up any messes and how to return the material to its place. Its very important that she receives a demonstration on the use of a material so that she understands the correct way to use the activities. This ensures that she is exposed to learning from the material as intended and also helps her learn to be responsible and safe with items such as glass, ceramics ect.

This activity comes from the practical life section of Montessori classrooms. Practical life exercises are very important in the Montessori method of teaching as they expose children to tasks they will encounter in daily life. They stimulate development of basic motor skills, improve concentration, encourage independence and coordination and establish an interest in the Montessori environment. Its also a fun way to keep busy while mom makes lunch!


Caterpillar Sequencing

I was surprised how quick Aydin picked up this activity.
I printed sequencing cards that match The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.
Points of Interest:
Pictures, Story, Science of Life cycle.

Control of Error:
Not having the correct card the story calls for.

To demonstrate recollection of the story, ability to match pictures, ability to comprehend the story.

3 ½ and up

caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly, egg, leaf, food items,

1- The Very Hungry Caterpillar Story book
2- Sequencing cards
3- Work rug

1. Have the child get their rug out.
2. Show the child where the game is located and have them carry to rug.
3. Lay out all the cards on the mat.
4. Read your child the first page of the book. Show the child the picture. Ask them to find the matching card.
5. Continue with each page and card of the story.
6. After all cards have been matched go over the cards and tell the story again to the child.
7. have child clean up the cards and return activity and cart to the shelf.

Variation: having child do the activity alone reading the story themselves or without the book.


Easter egg sound Cylinders

Aydi is loving the sound cylinders... although, ours are not cylinders, but easter eggs we found at target=) You can also search online and buy the real Sound cylinders from Montessori stores.

here's a lesson presentation if you want to try it.
Points of Interest:
Different sounds inside the eggs.

Control of Error:
Not having a match for the last egg.

Sound discrimination, order, concentration, independence, ability to make a choice.

3 and up


1- 4 Easter eggs all the same color (I used pink) partially filled with 4 different items to make different sounds when shaken. I Used pennies, rice, crumpled paper and basil.

2- 4 Easter eggs in a separate color (we used yellow) partially filled with 4 different items....same ones used in first set.
3- two matching bowls for each group of yellow and pink eggs.
4-work rug

1. Have the child get their rug out.
2. Show the child where the game is located and have them carry to rug.
3. Place the two bowls on the mat.
4. Separate the eggs according to their color so that all pink are in one bowl and all yellow are in the other.

5. Pick-up the first egg from the left (we'll say pink) side bowl and gently shake it. Then lay in the middle of the bowls.

6. Choose an egg from the other bowl (yellow) and hold near ear and shake it. If it matches the first egg, place it next to it's match in the center. If it does not match, return it to the bowl. Repeat the activity with each yellow egg until a match is found.

7.Continue until all the eggs have been matched by sound.
8. Place one bowl inside the other and then place all eggs inside top bowl.
9. Have child return the bowls to the shelf and rug to its location.

a great variation would be to use a blindfold on the child and help them find the matches.


Aydin is loving the new playstand I made her.
It was so simple to make and turned out really cute.
We found the 2 foot wood pieces at home depot for $1 and glued them together.
I used left over fabric to tie them together.

I dyed the silk squares in kool aid and tada!
She's been having fun moving it around and making it into different things. So far its been her house, farm, store and camp out=)


Starting up

So I have decided to start a blog=) I'll be posting about our Montessori Home School process, crafty things, cooking, mama stuff and we'll see what else I come up with. I know, you're excited.