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turkey break

So thanksgiving was great. We headed up to San Francisco to see my sister and her boyfriend. ... Auntie Banessa and Uncle Dan .
Aydin had a blast with them and I think she caused a bit of baby (kid) fever up there ;)

We got to see the king tut exhibit at the de Young Museum. So very cool. I am already intrigued by Egyptian history, but to see the actual pieces from inside his tomb, to be around that energy, to see the detailed work up close.... it was fascinating.

We also got to see the man of the season.... Santa! He was great. He had the perfect belly laugh and came out to sing jingle bells with Aydin while we waited in the 45 minute line! The Mrs. was there too. Turns out she only shows up one day out of the year and we happened to be there for it. Perfect.
Aydin has been asking for a snow white baby doll for the past month and had her heart set on asking Santa for it. So we found it on black Friday (score) and snuck it into Santa before she went to see him. When she walked in and Mrs Claus was holding the doll she was in awe. She now is convinced he really is magical.

***click the picture to see full size.. for some reason the blog keeps cutting them off. hmp***

And it woulnd't be thanksgiving without pie:
Making mini pumpkin pies... YUMMM

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