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new house, new room

So we've been in the new house a while now and after a trip to the east coast and two great birthday parties for the husband and child.... we are getting settled.

I thought I'd share pics of Aydi's new room.
It still needs some work... such as her new bed and another print I am going to hang up... but here it is so far.

I'd love your input.. should we keep the stripes on all 4 walls? hmmm

Keep in mind she asked for:
pink stripes, a forest and princesses. :)


  1. I love your blog and love seeing your pictures. Her room is adorable and I love the use of pink and green. I'd keep the stripes on all the walls, its so whimsical

  2. Oh, I just did blue and white stripes in my ds' room. This is a very pretty room.

  3. eb, come set up Jame's room for me!

  4. So cute! I like the stripes on one wall..

  5. Where did you find those little animal prints with the numbers? Those are divine.