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I am so in love with my current project ;) After years of drooling over silhouette projects online, I finally made my own.

I'm not sure what has held me back, I think maybe I assumed it would be too time consuming or that it would be expensive. Thankfully neither is true. This was such a simple, fun, and very affordable project.

The Pets

There are a lot of tutorials online on how to make silouettes. There are also numerous people who will charge way too much to make it for you. After looking around online, I thought printing pictures off my coumputer to then trace over black paper and cut out would be the easiest way.

But then, while messing around in picasa, I realized I could just trace the picture off the computer screen by holding white computer paper up to it. So simple.

-After tracing the picture onto white computer paper, I then held black paper under as I cut out the picture. Some of the detailed areas were tricky, but for the most part, this was a really easy, fast process.

My daughter

-I zoomed in on some images and used a few sheets of paper to get larger images.

-I went through my pictures to find some that would work as silohettes. I found this image of my daughter giving an apple to snow white.
I adore how the silhouette turned out. Did you notice how I added an arm in it? ;)

I also got my husband and daughter to pose for some new shots. I think they enjoyed it more than I did :)
They turned out cute!

(Sorry the pictures quality isn't that clear)
If you have ever met my child, then I'm sure you know how well that last image captures her personality!

I had a handful of random frames the were not being used, so I painted them black. I also spent about $7 on five black frames from the thrift store. I attached the silhouettes to white scrapbook paper and framed them.

Not sure if it's just me, but I layed out the frames and rearranged them about 1000 times before I finally liked my arrangement.
This was such an easy, quick project. I still have to add one more silhouette, but I am loving it so far.

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  1. I LOVE it! I think it's so fun to have silhouettes with personality (not just a profile pose) and you've done just that. Congratulations on a fantastic project! xoxo MMW