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Tangled Inspiration

I want to share a craft Aydin and I did for her new Tangled inspired bedroom. Also, as I start getting things together to do her room, I wanted to share some inspiration I've been loving online.

Tangled Shadow Boxes
This was a fun and simple craft. We gathered a handful of random lost toys from around the house and put them together in these Tangled shadow boxes.
The artist who did all the art for the Movie Tangled is named Claire Keane. I love her work. It is so whimsical, with soft colors and so detailed.
I really want to find a way to tie these into the room.

I am thinking of framing this picture for next to the bed
I would love to do a mural similar to this on her wall
These collages are of other details that I have come across online that I love. I can't wait, watercolor, lanterns, sheer fabrics, whimsical banners, flowers, birds. So so fun :)
You can click these images to see larger versions.
Here are some links from the insperation collages
Fabric banner

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