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Shamrock transferring

This is such a simple set up....Just bowls, a spoon, confetti and a tray. Aydin thinks shes just playing, but shes really building her fine motor skills, practicing patience, coordination and learning to follow through and complete a task given to her.

Before Aydi can use an activity, she receives a demonstration on the correct way to use it. She is shown how to find the activity, how to carry its tray or basket to the table correctly, how to work with the activity, how to clean up any messes and how to return the material to its place. Its very important that she receives a demonstration on the use of a material so that she understands the correct way to use the activities. This ensures that she is exposed to learning from the material as intended and also helps her learn to be responsible and safe with items such as glass, ceramics ect.

This activity comes from the practical life section of Montessori classrooms. Practical life exercises are very important in the Montessori method of teaching as they expose children to tasks they will encounter in daily life. They stimulate development of basic motor skills, improve concentration, encourage independence and coordination and establish an interest in the Montessori environment. Its also a fun way to keep busy while mom makes lunch!

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