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Easter egg sound Cylinders

Aydi is loving the sound cylinders... although, ours are not cylinders, but easter eggs we found at target=) You can also search online and buy the real Sound cylinders from Montessori stores.

here's a lesson presentation if you want to try it.
Points of Interest:
Different sounds inside the eggs.

Control of Error:
Not having a match for the last egg.

Sound discrimination, order, concentration, independence, ability to make a choice.

3 and up


1- 4 Easter eggs all the same color (I used pink) partially filled with 4 different items to make different sounds when shaken. I Used pennies, rice, crumpled paper and basil.

2- 4 Easter eggs in a separate color (we used yellow) partially filled with 4 different items....same ones used in first set.
3- two matching bowls for each group of yellow and pink eggs.
4-work rug

1. Have the child get their rug out.
2. Show the child where the game is located and have them carry to rug.
3. Place the two bowls on the mat.
4. Separate the eggs according to their color so that all pink are in one bowl and all yellow are in the other.

5. Pick-up the first egg from the left (we'll say pink) side bowl and gently shake it. Then lay in the middle of the bowls.

6. Choose an egg from the other bowl (yellow) and hold near ear and shake it. If it matches the first egg, place it next to it's match in the center. If it does not match, return it to the bowl. Repeat the activity with each yellow egg until a match is found.

7.Continue until all the eggs have been matched by sound.
8. Place one bowl inside the other and then place all eggs inside top bowl.
9. Have child return the bowls to the shelf and rug to its location.

a great variation would be to use a blindfold on the child and help them find the matches.

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